The "adventure world" and "WHEELS" is the latest update to our "TOY LAND" crane , our toy cranes are built with young children in mind with our "play till you win" software mode which does exactly what it says - you win every time, kids love the challenge, and the prize at the end of their efforts.

Intant 2-way SMS for machine status/service needs double insulated wiring for long term safety optional ST1C cash note system 72x72cm footprint 100% Australlian manufactured themed to better attract customers Dual QL multi-denominational coin system by Micro systems controls LED Lighting for low power usage.


Our cranes are original claw crane and have always been our most popular machine



For Australian customers, MC Global Games provides a 1-year back to factory warranty from the date of invoice or at the discretion of MC Global Games, the date the order is available to ship. Living outside of Australia? Our distribution network will look after you!


Never worry what  your machines are doing out on site with our 2 way communication system, your machine can report* to you when it needs to! Also set up auto schedule so you are in the loop with earnings and stock levels giving you complete control over you business. Never have your machines not earning your money!

*T&C apply


All of it’s equipment here in Australia giving complete quality control while supporting other local businesses.

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