game overview

A mechanical ARCADE game!

This  game is packaged with a new cabinet design, new artwork, but where the screen would normally be there is a vertical wooden playfield dotted with holes.

Two joysticks

On the control panel, 2  joysticks control the height of the metal bar that moves up and down the playfield with a metal ball rolling back and forth on the bar. It is up to you to balance the ball and put it into the target hole  that has the blinking LED.  There are 10 target holes to finish the game and each are harder to get to having more dead holes to negotiate on the playfield. They must also be completed in order and before the clock time runs out.

The playfield

For Ice Cold, an amber color is used and the holes in the playfield are suggestive of bubbles rising in a mug  of beer. There are several themes with playfields to match. 

Thermal Printer

An on board printer will print the winning tickets for players to claim their prize in your location. Tickets  are set up by the operator offering flexible control of location prizes. There is also a traditional ticket dispenser option that has E-Tickets ability if required.  There are many new features in this 2022 release making this iteration suitable for any location. It can be set up for the player to win at any win level (Highest hole won). It can be set for Hole 10 only as a win or as a game skill only, no prize. 

Mercy prize

This setting is for the new players (and kids) so everyone can be a winner where venues required a win every time game play.

The Backend

Software keeps all player results and you can prints the analytics so you know exactly how your game is performing. Super easy to adjust the game to get the best results, there is little guesswork.

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